Monday, September 6, 2010


Since there was no soccer this weekend I figured I would go ahead and post something anyways. This will be a list of the forwards that I think will do the best this season.

5. Jermaine Defoe - Tottenham has been the most improved team in the last two seasons, with the addition of Harry Redknapp. With a midfield conisting of Lennon and Modric any good forward could be successful here, and Defoe has taken advantage of everything. Last season he straight tore it up, no lie. This season he could easily be doing the same, especially when he gets even more practice starting along side Rooney on England. So keep an eye on this man!
4. Fernando Torres - On somebody else's list Banana could easily be first. But Liverpool as a whole was very shaky last season and they haven't started off too well this season either. However with the addition of Joe Cole Liverpool could easily be much more attack oriented this season than last season.
3. Robin Van Persie - Like I said, I'm rather biased towards Arsenal. Robin could have easily been number 1 as well but he was injured for almost half of last season so nobody could really see his full potential last season. If he can keep from being injured this season he could easily be the best forward in the EPL, possible the world. In my opinion he is the most technically sound forward in the world, apart from maybe Messi.
2. Didier Drogba - This magnificent black beauty could easily be number 1 on my list but I'm a little racist so he comes in at a close 2nd. He had the most goals last season and I wouldn't be surprised if he did the same this season. But, it would be hard not to score when you have a supporting cast like Lampard and Anelka. To me it just seems crazy that he's in his 30's and he's just now getting in his prime.
1. Wayne Rooney - When this fool is on form there is nothing that stops him. Sure he didn't end last season to well with the injuries he had and he hasn't started this season that well either. However, he did score a penalty in his last EPL game, and you can ask any soccer player how much difference one goal makes. So with that goal starting off his goal scoring for this campaign he could easily get back on form.

TLDR: 1. Rooney 2. Drogba 3. Van Persie 4. Torres 5. Defoe


  1. whattup mannnn.
    And TL;DR means too long didn't read

  2. Good to see a football blog!
    Maybe you could do something with ultras/hools?

  3. i missed a football blog. keep your work up. hit me back, mate.

  4. Villa, Pato, Neymar, alot of talent is missing there.