Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I already did a lil' summin summin on Forwards so now I'm going to rank who I think are the best midfielders.

5. Luca Modric - This one was tough. I could have gone with someone from the star studded Manchester City team, but Gareth Barry is getting old, David Silva has yet to prove himself, and Robinho just left. So I went with Modric. Modric brings everything to the table. He is what makes Tottenham's midfield tick. He's only played one game this season due to injury, but he just got back during the Euro 2012 qualifiers. So I expect a lot from this guy.
4. Ryan Giggs - When Giggs was young, he played like an old man. Now that he's old, he plays like a kid. This guy will never get bad. He doesn't play full games anymore, but when he comes on the field everything changes. He brings pace, finesse, power, and everything else to the team. Already this season he's been scoring goals, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's gotten assists too. Somewhere out there is the fountain of youth, and I think Giggs found it.
3. Frank Lampard - Franky and Gerrard are almost inter-changeable in England's midfield, the only difference is Lampard brings more finesse but less power. Lampard scores more goals than Gerrard but he is on a much better team that had better players that can help Lampard a lot more. That's why he is 3 instead of 2.
2. Steven Gerrard - This guy is the best power midfielder in the world. If you want finesse fuhget about it! This guy has a strike that make Paul Scholes cringe. When Gerrard wants the ball, he gets the ball. When he wants to score, he fucking scores. He is so fun to watch just because of how direct he is in everything he does. He never does any kind of fancy footwork, he just plows through the defense, and if he can't plow through them then he just shoots it from long range. Either way he is going to score.
1. Cesc Fabregas - I said I was a little biased towards Arsenal but I actually think this guy deserves to be Numero Uno. He is arguably one of the top 3 best midfielders in the world (behind his countrymen) and he is only 23. He plays in such a simple way that its beautiful. He is one of the most technically sound midfielders in the world, and in the recent seasons he added goal scoring to his repertoire. If he can keep from getting injured this season then I expect him to do great things.

Comment anyone you think I missed and maybe I'll re-evaluate my list.


  1. I just learned something new today... thanks!

  2. best soccer blog ever! shall be checking this every day =)

  3. Which one's your personal favorite though?

  4. My personal favorite is Fabregas.

  5. Fabregas is a god. Arsenal for life.