Thursday, September 9, 2010


That's right, it's this nonsense again! So spread your ass wide, its about to get wacky.

5. Timothy Howard - America Fuck Yeah

4. Shay Given - IDFK WHY HE HASN'T BEEN STARTING AT MAN CITY?! This Irish Mick is a great goalie, it sucks that he played for a team like New Castle for so long so he never reached his full potential. If he actually starts at Man City he will be a boss.

2.Pepe Reina - The Liverpool keepuh. He's a great goalie although he didn't show it much last season. With defense that would just fall apart at time it was hard to do much. Hopefully this year the defense won't go full retard on him and they might be able to give Pepes a chance.

2. Edwin Van Der Sar - The Netherlands goalie for so long as well as the Man U goalie for so long. He has buckets of experience and he ha the skills of Napolean Dynomite.

1. Petr Cech - The Chelsea main man sporting the funky cap. He has his good days and bad days like most people, only his good days turn him into some ball stopping machine. He's tall, he comes out well, and his reactions are quick.